Strawberry Iced Tea

Fresh strawberries, grassy tea, so cool & refreshing. Archcafé Strawberry Iced Tea.
Why is Archcafé Strawberry Iced Tea so special?

  • Freeze dried real strawberries.
  • Free from artificial sweetener & preservatives. 
  • 100% dissolved in cool water.

*** Note: The product contains freeze dried strawberry. Do not stir with hot water.

INGREDIENTS: Sugar (72%), Glucose (17.8%), Freeze dried strawberry powder (3.4%), Green tea extract (2.9%), Acid citric (E330) (2.9%), Stevia (0.5%), Artificial strawberry flavor (0.5%).




12 sachets/ 1 box

12 boxes/1 carton

Price box:


Price barrel:



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