Lịch sử café - Archcafé - Authentic Vietnamese coffee
  • 850 : A curious goatherd discovered coffee is a great drink and Islamic people in Aden is recognized as the first coffee drinkers.

  • 1453 : Turkey issued a new rule that allows a woman to divorce her husband if he did not give her a coffee.

  • 1517 : Coffee was first known in Constantinople (today's Istanbul).

  • 1554 : The first coffee shop in Europe was opened in spite of the opposition of the church's opposition.

  • 1645 : The first Italy coffee shop was opened in Venice.

  • 1773 : Drinking coffee is considered a "national obligation" for every American citizen.

  • 1822 : The first espresso machine is created in France.

  • 1850 : A French - Catholic religious, brought coffee imported into Vietnam, coffee tree was introduced into Vietnam since 1857, is growing at some churches.

  • 1888 : In 1888 the first coffee plantations appeared in Phu Quy (Nghe An) and few other locations in the north.

    From 1920 to 1925, the French opened more coffee plantations in the red soil region of Central Highlands. At this point, the new coffee area spread out significantly,  particularly in Buon Ma Thuat, Đăklăk. Currently, Vietnam is the second largest coffee exporter in the world.

  • 2007 : Brand Archcafe was formed on the campus of the city's architect institute with passion of desire in dedicating and serving for spiritual life for people working in the creative environment in Architects, Managers and Designers departments in Saigon.

  • 2012 :From a very small desire is to create a "place- to- go- back" for architectures and creative enthusiasts. Today, Archcafe has passed through the simple meaning and created distinguish product lines to satisfy the desire of subtle experience with pure coffee aroma.

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