Instant Beverages

Strawberry Tea

Fresh strawberry, pure tealeaf, so cool & refreshing. Archcafé - Strawberry tea.

Why Archcafé Strawberry tea is so speacial?
Freeze dried real strawberry.
Free from artificial sweetener & preservatives. 
100% dissolved in cool water.

Choco Latte

Natural chocolate from Vietnam’s cocoa seed blended with creamy creamer for a delicious Chocolate Latte that you can’t find any elsewhere. Enjoy Archcafé Choco Latte, hot, over ice or ice-blended, enjoy your life at its most.

Coconut Cappuccino

Simple, interesting, great-taste, Archcafé Coconut Cappuccino is a perfect combination of Vietnam coconut and cappuccino Italy for a delicious coffee. Enjoy Archcafé Cococino, hot, cold or ice-blended daily, enjoy your life at its most

Durian Cappuccino

A combination with Eastern taste and Western style should bring you an unexpected surprise in your cup of coffee. The Vietnamese Durian mingles with Italian Cappucino...

Matcha Latte

Matcha, a famous green tea drink from Japan a well-known all over the world and also in Vietnam. Archcafé Matcha Latte was made with premiummatcha powder imported from Japan for an enjoyable taste.

Ready brew coffee with condensed milk

For a long time, coffee with milk has been the favourite drink in all the coffee shop as well as Vietnamese families. However, it takes time to brew a hot coffee cup or iced coffee with milk...

Whole bean coffee

Vietnamese ice coffee (brown label)

The thickness and strong taste of
Robusta will bring you the feeling of
authentic roasted coffee bean.

Vietnamese ice coffee (red label)

A harmonious combination between the thickness and strong taste of Robusta and perfect small of queen Arabica together with the greatest medium brewing style, Vietnamese coffee...

Perfect Espresso

Perfect Espresso is the best product in line of Archcafé ground coffee that we want to introduce to you. 100% Arabica is harvested manually, in order to select the best and even coffee beans from Cau Dat....

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