Coffee geography

ETHIOPIAEthiopia coffee has the sour-bitter flavor. Harar (in the East of Ethiopia) has a speciality of coffee made with a special drying technology - preserving the flavor of fermented fruit. Ethiopia is the biggest country in Africa for consuming and exporting coffee. About 12 million people there rely on the income generated from growing this brown beans. Besides Harar, some other coffee specialties there are Sidamo and Yirgacheffe.

KENYAThe hometown of the most balanced and perfect coffee beans in the worlds. It’s outstanding with the strong sour flavor, thick water and the amazing combination of different layers of flavor.

TAZANIAFamous with the peanut coffee, with the round shaped beans, unlike the normal flat shaped beans. Tazania coffee is more bitter and strongerbut not as good as Kenyacoffee.

YEMENIn the southwest pole of the Arabian peninsula lies the Red Sea that separates Yemen from Ethiopia. Although distant from one another, Yemen shares a similar taste to the quality coffee in Harar of Ethiopia.

MEXICOAlmost all Mexican coffee beans are grown in the South and have the sour flavor. The coffee is light so that it’s suitable for breakfast, especially in America. The most famous Mexican coffee brands are Altura, Liquidambar US, Pluma Coixtepec. 

GUATEMALAThe German brought coffee beans to Guatemala to grow, but the coffee beans in Vietnam is superior. Guatemalacoffee has the chocolate smell with a light sour flavor, especially the coffee beans grown on the souhthern volcano side. To have a good cup of coffee there, you don’t need to know Guatemala language. Just know the names of brands like Antigua Huehuêtnango is enough.

NICARAGUAThe best coffee of Nicaragua is Sant Lucia from Mario Cerna. The texture, chocolate smell and sour taste are all very attractive. Besides Mario Cerna, the other main coffee areas of Nicaragua are Matagalpa, Jinotega and Nuega Segovia.  

COSTA RICABeing famous with the super clean and pH balanced coffee, it can make the “yes men” love its coffee flavor. From the capital of San Jose, you can easily get to the well-known coffee areas like Dota, Tarrazu, Tres Rios, Heredia, Volcan Poaz but it’s hard for you to forget the flavors you have tried there.

JAMAICABirthplace of the iconic to Blue Mountains, providing one of the most expensive coffeein the world that others will try to copy it. You can’t tell all the speciality of Blue Mountain after just trying few brands. In the past, when you refer to Jamaica, all people will think of Blue Mountain. Nowadays, that position is shared with Puerto Rico coffee.

COLOMBIAThe coffee branch here is so important that all vehicles coming here have to be sprayed for sterility. Thanks to the wet atmosphere and the altitude of the Andes mountain, coffee trees become the king of all the trees here. The top well-known coffee here like Medellin, Supremo, Bogota,… is even as good as coffee in Costa Rica, but lighter.

VENEZUELAThe well-known coffee here is Maracaibo, named after the harbor that transports almost only coffeeLess famous brands are Tachira and Cucuta (near the Colombian boarder), having the similar flavorwith the coffee of neighboring country.

BRAZILMany people think that Brazilian coffee, the country exporting the most coffee in the world, has only quantity but not quality. This South American country has coffee, as good as their football team. For example: Bahia and Bourbon Santos, which made Brazil famous for coffee.

HAWAIIKona (Hawaii) is the place producing the most expensive types of coffee beans in the world. In spite of being grown in the lowland, Kona coffee beans is as good as the one grown in the highlands ofover 3000m. The sourness, champagne smell and the flavor are very perfect.

INDIAMoonsooned Malabar coffee is incredibly popular in IndiaRecently, there has been an emerging new types of coffee from Baba Budan,Nilgiis and Sheyaroy, with a delicious and strong but light sour flavor.

VIETNAMCoffee is one of the best vestiges throughout the years while being dominated by French. In the middle of 1860, it was only popular in some West villas of Hanoi. 100 years later, Vietnam became the second largest coffee exporting country in the world. 


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