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Recently in Ho Chi Minh City State appears more consistent form of "take away", stalls for the young. If the last 5 to 6 years, the pearl milk tea with style "teen" in vogue, the recently-style stalls young, dynamic but also ideal for the office and focus on the cup drink, decorative quality. Therefore, drinks, pastries served as abundant, especially the young people are increasingly preferred the fresh products made from tra.An subject of "Tea" is mostly for old people, but will try to explore discovered many great things from tea: tea Vietnam, Taiwan tea, Japanese tea ... here are a few brief introduction about Matcha- premium green tea powder Japan, as well as products made from powdered green tea.
Matcha is harvested in late April to early May each year. That is the time when there are most freshly tea leaves. At that time, the tea growers used the tarp to shield about 2 weeks is not for the light directly on the leaf. Then the tea plantation hand picked selection of the best tea leaves, and then drying the tea leaves by drying it, do not take measures to rub the leaves are used to make kho. Cuoi grinding tools made pulverized stone to which the tea leaves into powder - or often called Matcha. We read the stage production of tea powder only a few lines, but in fact it is verydifficult, in conclusion Matcha tea is high in Japan. Matcha is usedonly on special occasions, or Matcha powder is used in the formal tea ceremony. And of course the price ofMatcha powder is not cheap even for the Japanese.

Because the nutritional value, as well as traditional values so should the Japanese Matcha powder used in many other products use for drinking matcha. And these products are made from flour Match has long been the favorite people in the whole world. Macha powder perhaps the Japanese have long been used to make cakes, sweets. Partly because matcha powder with a slightly bitter taste to candies, chocolate made with matcha not too sweet like candy normal. After confectionery, perhaps to the drinks, and the pudding is used more matcha powder. Matcha powder can be combined with other ingredients such as match combined with fresh cream, fresh milk mixed with matcha, matcha or blender with fruit .... let the drink delicious food, beautiful colors. In Ho Chi Minh City you can enjoy a cup of matcha any time, anywhere and in many ways is like drinking spot or "take away" as well as "is delivery".A kind of snacks from matcha powder that everyone likes is probably made from green tea ice-cream. Likecandy, drinks such as green tea matcha ice-cream does not taste sweet, slightly bitter taste bitter. Depending on each style restaurant, but the decoration and cream combined with other ingredients such as fruits, red beans ground-up gives you a nice cup of ice-cream, eat not be bored because only whipped cream day. Or sipping ice-cream with cinnamon small cakes sweet sweet sound so would blend of green tea is better and sweet taste of the pie. It is amazing, is not it? Finally, matcha today was the chef used to make dishes European style desserts at restaurants such as 1 cup of cream consists of two types of ice-cream, green tea jelly ... or may be Mochi cakes (mochi cakes have been introduced in other themes tabetai 1) small petite decorated with green tea, or sometimes just a simple one is one cup of hot green tea after enjoying a meal at the restaurant.

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