Ready brew coffee with condensed milk

Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk (Ca Phe Sua Da) is always a must for any foreigners setting foot in this country because of its perfect combination that enables a unique taste.

In Archcafé, it’s not just a drink, it’s the art of harmonizing freeze-dried condensed milk powder from Germany with premium Vietnamese coffee for bitter-sweet taste that you can only find in Archcafé.

Enjoy Archcafé “Condensed milk coffee”, enjoy the elite of Vietnamese food art.

Archcafé - Authentic Vietnamese Coffee.


Ingredients: Sugar, Condensed milk powder (milk powder, sugar) (27%), Instant coffee (14.5%), Maltodextrin, Non-dairy creamer (4.8%), Foaming powder (3.2%).


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12 sticks / 1 box
12 boxes / 1 carton

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